Ken's Cancer Battle

You’ve got cancer...

The upcoming holiday was banished from my mind as my doctor told me I only had a few months left to live.

I didn’t smoke....
I didn’t drink…
I was in my 30s...
I was supposed to be in the prime of my life with decades of good years ahead...

And yet…

No - I couldn’t be the “healthy” guy in his 30s that shocks everyone by dying early from this bastard disease.So I decided to fight. I knew that I might lose, but I was going to go out swinging, not sitting at home, feeling sorry for myself and counting down my final hours.

But being a dead man gave me a radical type of drive I’d never experienced before…

The multi-million dollar I’d built with my own 2 hands? On hold.

My new wife and comfortable lifestyle that only a decade earlier I never dreamed could be possible? They could wait.

I walked away from EVERYTHING that wasn’t directly related to my getting healthy and beating cancer.
I spent as much as 18 hours a day researching. Books, blogs, videos, chatrooms, phone calls… whatever material I could get my hands on I consumed like a man dying of thirst in the desert coming upon an oasis.

I met with over 100 experts in just a few months - I explored all roads from conventional treatment to experimental - trying to find even just ONE THING that would help me.

And finally I got an appointment with a little-known Chinese Medicine “doctor”, who, after thoroughly examining me, gave me his surprising and life changing verdict:

“If I can’t get you healthy FIRST, you’ll never live long enough to be able to FIND the answers you need, and you’ll never survive those treatments even IF you find them."

That one statement shocked me. I had no response. But the next statement was even MORE shocking:

“You’re 50 pounds overweight, and yet you’re starving to death”

It’s obvious WHY you have cancer and why you’re sick: You haven’t been giving your body what it needs to be healthy, what it needs to fight off disease and illness, and what it needs to maintain a healthy body weight, what it needs to survive.

A couple of vitamins every morning isn’t enough. You can’t just buy random stuff off the shelf at the grocery store pharmacy section and expect that’ll be it.

I’ll make you what you need, and let’s hope I can keep you alive long enough.”

He made me a specific blend into a green powder, and I was told to drink it at least twice a day. He told me that it only had what the human body NEEDS, and at the exact ratios.

He said the green juice powders that are on the store shelves and online had ingredients just randomly thrown in, with no rhyme or reason to them…they are manufactured with a “More must be better” attitude, and that doesn’t work long-term, and it’s a waste of money.

I took my plastic tub of this green powder home, and started taking it that day.

In a matter of just a week or two, I was feeling significantly better.

I had energy again.
My skin looked and felt better.
My eyesight was better.
I slept better.
I focused better.

My bowel movements became normal and regular, something I hadn’t had in decades. I didn’t have gas anymore.

I lost right about 50 pounds in about 3 months. I started weight training, swimming, biking, and running 6 days a week.

NOW, I was “Fighting” cancer, not just “Enduring” cancer, like virtually everyone else does.

My doctors were amazed. One even said, “You’re the healthiest walking dead-guy that I’ve ever seen in my life. ALL your numbers and markers say you should be dead…yet you’re not.”

And now, 15+ years later, here I am. I finally found the treatments I needed, after searching and traveling the world, and spending an enormous amount of money.

Now, six days a week, I’m in the gym, hitting the weights, swimming miles, on the treadmill…in the best shape of my adult life…at 53. Healthy AND Strong.

I lived. I survived. Here I am. I lost everything….but I lived.

Every day since, I’ve continued to make this weird “Super Green Juice powder”, and I take it twice a day, without fail.

I swore that I would never sell this formula. I’ve never told anyone how it’s made. But, about two years ago, something happened that changed my mind, and since then, I’ve worked to bring this unique Super Green Juice powder to the world. And now, it’s here.

It’s NOT like every other green powder you see on the market. I’m not some 29 year old ripped up bodybuilder meathead who bought a green powder from some salesman at some overseas company and is telling you “Drink this every day and you’ll look like ME”.

That’s not what this is. This is PROVEN to be exactly what your body needs to get healthy, not just a bunch of “Good” ingredients randomly thrown into jar with no rhyme or reason to it.

I know you hear stories all the time from people who say, “I heard about this guy….(insert whatever story or ailment)…..”, but with me, it’s different. Because I AM that GUY…and I’m STANDING here right in FRONT OF YOU telling you the story. You’re seeing me ALIVE…15 years later, looking and feeling better than I ever have. Ever.

"This Is PROVEN To Be Exactly What Your Body Needs To Get Healthy, Not Just A Bunch Of “Good” Ingredients Randomly Thrown Into Jar With No Rhyme Or Reason To It. "