Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is in our Super Green Juice, for one reason... it is one of the healthiest superfoods out there. Many people brag about the benefits, the Mayo Clinic even talk about is for better health!

Fun Facts About Wheatgrass

  • Wheatgrass first became popular in the United States in the late 1930s and since then has been a staple in the health food community. 
  • Wheatgrass is suppose to be under 10 days old when it is consumed and must be processed first for all it's nutrients to come out! 
  • When someone mentions the term superfood, the first one that always comes to mind is wheatgrass.
  • Wheatgrass is so good for you, that unless you are allergic to it, there have no signs of adverse effects on the body (all good)!

3 Wheatgrass Benefits

  • Boosts Immunity: Our immune systems run like a well-oiled car fighting off harmful free radicals, toxins, and foreign bodies that try to enter our bodies.
  • Digestive Health: Wheatgrass can benefit your body and digestive tract in three vital ways: it contains fiber, it is high in B-complex vitamins (which improve the function of the muscles of the digestive system), and it kills harmful bacteria as they pass through.
  • Cleanses The Liver & Bloodstream: Since Wheatgrass detoxifies the liver of toxins, heavy metals, and cancer-causing agents it will help the rest of the body function at peak performance. You will be able to intake more antioxidants and decrease inflammation across your whole body.

Wheatgrass isn't a miracle cure and shouldn't replace regular medical care or a healthy diet, but it does enhance all the good aspects of your body while cleaning out the bad!

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