The Health Benefits of The Coconut Fruit Superfood

By Ken Nickels

When we are talking about the food items that are beneficial to our bodies, the benefits of coconut are almost never mentioned. This might be one of the reasons as to why people are not fully aware of the major health benefits that this fruit can offer. 

The coconut is a fruit commonly found in tropical countries. It can be used for many different preparations in many different forms. There is coconut oil, cream, coconut water, and coconut meat. 

Using these variations in your cooking, for example, can be helpful to lose weight. This is because the coconut is rich in good fats, that are beneficial to your body and raise your HDL levels, which is considered the “good cholesterol”. 

But aside from helping with weight loss, there are a series of other benefits of coconut. So, let’s get to know them: 

Supports Immune System Health 

One of the most widely known benefits of coconut is how it can help with our immune system. 

The coconut is rich in carbon lauric acid that when digested becomes monolaurin. Monolaurin is an antiviral agent and can fight a series of harmful threats to our body.Turns out coconuts contain about 50% carbon lauric acid --and both of these elements will help our body kill bacteria as well as viruses. Their antiviral power is more than a good reason to include it in your diet.

Improves Digestion

Another use and benefit of coconut is using it to cleanse your colon. As a matter of fact, coconut oil is frequently associated with helping improve digestion. This will help your body absorb nutrients, vitamins, and minerals easily.

This happens because the coconut is rich in shorter chains of fatty acids that are easier on our stomach. Not only that, the same shorter fatty acids can help with the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and even help ease stomach pain.

To enjoy all the digestive benefits of coconut you can start your mornings by consuming coconut in the form of green juice. Since some people might have a hard time eating the coconut itself in the morning. The RawganX Super Green Juice can be a good option if you are looking for a good way to include it in your diet and get the benefits.

Helps Prevent and Treat Cancer

A study from the Journal Cancer Research proved that the Lauric acid that we mentioned earlier can help kill 90% of colon cancer cells after two days of treatment.

Not only that, the coconut helps with insulin reduction since it is rich in fats and low on carbohydrates. The oil also removes the free radicals that can cause premature aging and degenerative disease. You can also use the coconut oil directly on the skin and hair to help with hydration.

The coconut water is also rich in potassium which will help you control the sodium levels in your body. Once your body gets rid of the excess sodium you will also lose excess water and eliminate bloating.

Enhances Physical and Athletic Performance

Lastly, coconut oil can also be helpful to improve your physical performance. If you are a sports person, drinking green juice in the morning can help with improving speed and energy.

The coconut also helps with boosting metabolism and absorption of nutrients, as well as fighting inflammation. The later can help you fight joint pain from working out and swelling.

The benefits of coconut are much more than just helping with weight loss. They are great for improving our immune system, athletic performance, fight diseases and even help our skin and hair.

You can add the coconut to your diet daily in the form of juice.  Or even by consuming the fruit by itself, which is very flavorful. Regardless of how you consume it, the many benefits of coconut are more than enough reason to add it to your diet for a healthier life.

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