Raw Paws Magic Rash & Hot Spot Spray
Raw Paws Magic Rash & Hot Spot Spray
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THIS is the patented miracle product that every single pet owner NEEDS to keep in their pet emergency kit! This supercharged aloe blend combines a unique patented ingredient that was created by the U.S. Military to help quickly and painlessly heal battlefield wounds!  It is nothing short of amazing. It helps to heal everything from cuts, scrapes, bug bites, rashes, wounds, hot spots, and other topical external type injuries.

We have literally hundreds of testimonials from and family who we GAVE this product away to for years and years before we decided to finally bring it to market and sell it. We feel THAT strongly that every pet owner (including horses!) NEEDS to keep a bottle of this around. There is nothing like this for pets anywhere else in the world. This product is hand made, and is very hard for us to keep in stock. Grab a bottle or two while you can. Trust us on this one.

This stuff is the real deal. 

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